Methods of Teaching

To educate , the teacher should not try to fill the mind of students with facts and figures. Rather the teacher should create a burning interest in the student so that the student can keep on learning.


Teachers are considered as the builders of nation, as education is the key to any nation’s development and it is the teacher who imparts right education to the children. So, quality of teacher education program is utmost important. Keeping this fact in consideration, BACHPAN ACADEMY has launched this course in systematic manner such as providing study material, assignments, flexible nature of the course etc. For your information, we have divided our course into 7 parts & each part is supported by different book. The books include are:- 

  • Methods of Teaching & Learning
  • School Management
  • Education Policy
  • Child Psychology, Development & Education
  • Nutritional Science
  • New Concepts in Child Education
  • Book on First Aid

Books are written in simple language & self-explanatory. Assignments are given with every chapter in a particular book. The candidate has to submit the exercises/questions/assignment given in the book to the Corporate Office. Whenever we receive your assignment, our team will check the same & return them to you after necessary correction / rectification. After completing all the assignments a final project work will be given which needs to be completed from home itself. Afterwards you will get a diploma from our side.

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