Methods of Teaching

To educate , the teacher should not try to fill the mind of students with facts and figures. Rather the teacher should create a burning interest in the student so that the student can keep on learning.


 Ideally, every Preschool program should be very precise in its approach, since it is aimed at young children who are in their early years, undergoing a constant transition, both physically and psychologically. A good preschool curriculum has the ability to significantly contribute to a child's proper growth and play the significant role of laying a foundation for further learning through a series of supervised experiences. It becomes very crucial that not only the Preschool curriculum that is available but also the educators who would be a part of it understand the purpose of their profile. Eventually, it is the teachers who determine what sorts of activities are best-suited for your child's development. Therefore, a proper preschool program cannot survive without rightfully qualified and trained Teachers.

However, today teaching training has become an increasingly-commercialised sector. Many institutions are handing out teacher preparatory certifications without making sure that their trainees have actually realised the crucial nature of their responsibilities. Teaching continues to be a self-rewarding profession and if only there is a proper training resource that could prepare knowledgeable and responsible educators, emotional and financial satisfaction is guaranteed.

Our course covers a variety of issues that are an integral part of being a duly qualified Preschool educator. Some of the areas that we stress upon include:

  • Understanding Child Psychology, especially that of young toddlers who would be stepping out of the familiarity of their homes for the first time, i.e. children in the age-group of 2-4 years
  • Recognising healthy physical and mental Developmental Patterns in a young child and spotting any aberrations
  • Decoding a child's Learning Style. This becomes essential in making sure that what is being taught within a classroom is absorbed by the child in the least straining manner
  • Preparedness for First-aid needs and dealing with children having health issues
  • Mapping and observing the level of social, academic and emotional progress the child is making.

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